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Related article: Date: Thursday, October 23, 2008 March 34th 47 GMT From: " isispa NetZero net. " U003cisispa NetZero. net u003e Subject : Brooke u0026 deadlines Morgan 2 Morgan rose early as usual, took a shower and got dressed. On the way to the library that did not fly so far away from his memories of last night's cabin in the head. Had fun, learned he was talking to Brooke s been a little more about them and also with a goodnight kiss, leave, could not be better. In the past a couple of girls caught his eye and he even slept with them once or twice over, but once the holidays, Hot Preteens then of their romance, and never felt guilty or lost, it Brooke just for fun, but quite another thing, she was intelligent and beautiful, was not gay, but he still felt attracted to her, she had said, in writing s. Morgan knew it was not a chance in ever goodbye, but she could not see with their eyes, , and using it, it was all or nothing. at least ofthe test was only a day away and the temperature was dropping to a an alarming rate. Morgan never enter the cruise port , who had to remain in the library, even if there is absolutely no reader to view. It was no problem, which for the past few months some stories that had been working, love stories, that is, he had n Logon to a computer and from the research was and write hopefully one day some of the great publishing companies want their work and print of their stories, maybe I could help understand the world s true love between two girls and two boys are only between a man and a woman. Morgan was about to open the doors when Brooke came into view, was rest your forearms on the rails and looking at the twilight horizon. " Brooke? Thought we would meet at night. " Morgan s approach it. Brooke turned and smiled, she looked so pretty with her ​​hair down her neck. "I could not wait. "Brooke is waiting with all the strength of his heart, that Morgan does not believe that s aggressive or desperate, I just wanted as long as possible with her. " I think we have to sit and a little chat. "Morgan opened the door and waited for Brooke to enter. After Christine Morgan Library invited Brooke left the office, where is a small bell on the door, which any notify the customer enter the store or leave it. Morgan turned the cafe y, shortly after the smell got into the air. " what did you talk to me ? "Brooke was sitting on the couch and crossed his legs in a very feminine. " About all that has happened so far and what exactly that is expected of me. "Said Morgan, and poured the coffee into cups, add cream sugar and Brooke presented a confused look n her again. " I'm not sure Hot Preteens you understand, but go ahead. " " Well, first of all, understand that I am a Lesbians not? " " Yes, I know. "Brooke said. N " I enjoy spending time with you, I enjoy a lot, and that knows how I feel about you, but I'm not sure how you feel. "N " I really like. "Brooke says. N " I understand that after this trip is more than ever we see other more and more, I do not know how you feel, it might be better if things cooled a little. " " Do you mean to stop each other? " " I see each other as friends. " ", I thought that was what we were. "Brooke has lied. " Now do not you come with me I do not want to damage. " " But he never hurt me. " " I do not and that's exactly why we ask you to sign you please respect my decision. " " What is it? I thought we were talking, keep talking with all another. " " Sorry, but I think we do not see each other. I can not see as a friend and I can not have a relationship with you. " " do not understand why a largemuch of it ? "Brooke stood up and put the cup on the table. " Maybe because it is. " " Well, if that 's what you want, then you have it. "Brooke opened the door and is introduced into the library, which went around the counter and left the city to make the bells are ringing. was the buffet breakfast, a light , fruit and a n cup of water, had her doctor told her she was one of the reasons why it s still pain in the legs, due to lack of exercise and poor diet habits. in recent weeks had been trying to do their best to eat to be healthy and active. Morgan had headache for after breakfast, decided on a go nap, there was really sleeping well recently. until his room was so again collected, it was incredible technology that was to tell the computer, the flight attendant that the room was vacuum, and would come and they all seem like no one was there. is Brooke after a few minutes to look the dreamincluded in the darkness, and feelings did not. How was it possible to feel, in this way to a complete stranger, a person known only by a few days, but felt that he had never felt before, I live n and aware of their feelings. Morgan could not do everything, it was as if their concentration is Brooke left, as if his brain was completely out of everything that was n othing to do with it. I knew I had done the right thing, that Brooke was better off without them and the lesbian drama all a simple, no complicated relationship was what I needed, but then who was she to decide what others need. The days seemed to stretch into the void and empty spaces, questions open and regrets as possible. What if you fill your life and she s that he was tired, she had her period. after work went to his room and took a shower, she missed her daily dates with Brooke and long talks, the heat in the air, itsmutual attraction was about to explode like a time bomb, and Morgan n prepared for the consequences, bi curious girl mistook not his type, but no matter how difficult it is Brooke catalog and bi curious girl is simply too difficult. I think the fitness appears to be an option only Morgan, was not hungry or tired and good training is likely to wake up one of the two. in your gym bag was ready and she got dressed and put on his shoes. She had two n options, either the long way and the cold deck or take the shortest route and go from Brooke 's room, who opted for the second is one, what the chances were anyway. Brooke was awake and ready to go eat, when it crashed open the door and almost Morgan. " uh... I went to the gym. " Morgan tried to explain. "Okay, you do not have a court order. " Brooke slammed the door n exerts y. heart Morgan beat strangely fast, its control over the sports bag put it back and walking. Brooke took a deep breath and climbed the stairs to the deck. She was in sushi lust. The sky was beautiful tonight, and could each sea star n the universe, the moon was quite full, and made soft sounds of the waves hit the ice and hull of the ship, it seemed that everything unreal. If s only there was a special person to enjoy it with someone like Morgan. The gym was empty except for a few do Scottish weights and enjoy a couple of crew as its members the benefits of work. N After a few minutes on the screen, did some crunches and pushups. The sauna welcome your pain in the muscles and gave him a moment of calm before Brooke attacked his opinion. When he opened the door and almost fell in them, time stopped and it was like a vivid dream in which she could smells, colors and emotions to perceive. Her perfume was so tender, but at the same time as intrusive, which had taken control of his senses, so that no more blUrry. Brooke, dinner was very good, he had not eaten much, just a few pieces of n and a glass of red wine. She was very sure that after sleep almost all day, it would take much more than help to ghosts to go to bed. The library was always an option, but I was afraid, that bring back many memories of Morgan. could understand Brooke does not even know of his obsession, he was attracted to her, , but nothing really happened, she had kissed a lot of guys and do not even have an n of them feel they had, what Morgan did. What if it was ever a lesbian had not noticed or acted on it. At the same time, when n felt this way about a kiss and Hot Preteens a few minutes of your hands hold could not even begin to imagine what it would feel if they were always beyond. Maybe Morgan was right, and both would be better apart. the way back to the room was long and cold, went to the dresser clothes and lay down in bed, his eyes were wide OPEn, and senses awake almost on the edge, you need something that could not describe. tired of looking at examination of his opinion, are the answers or lack of them, they decided to , the library, go, after all, maybe a good book that would be a kind of separation. The bell rang a dream wonder Morgan had to move twice today Christine bad because food poisoning after Morgan, told him to stop working. " will not be the night shift. " Brooke says a little angry, had tried to prevent Morgan and sought cuter than ever. " Sorry to disappoint you, but ill Chris, I had no choice but to cover to them. " Brooke Morgan said trouble detection. "I'm here for, we can ignore the other. " Brooke was of your favorite section and began browsing through the titles. After what seemed like hours looking at each other like high school children if they thought the other was not looking for,Morgan stood up and went to Brooke. "Want some coffee? " Morgan offered. " No thanks, I am enough. Wired " Brooke said, and continued reading. Morgan began to run when he choked her offspring, little by little turned around and saw Brooke. "Brooke, I missed you today. " Morgan waited, but no answer. Brooke looked and they kept their eyes for a long time. No words spoken the tension in the air that could only be felt through. Morgan turned and walked away, Brooke looked like she was not ready to show their feelings. He opened the office door and entered, s not been some papers on his desk that had to be presented, most of them were the revenue from customers over the Internet and letters congratulating No transport company s employees as helpful as she and Hot Preteens Christine. Morgan was on the couch and ran his fingers through his hair, which had is a tension headache, which was very worrying. After a fewMinutes There was a soft knock at the door. " I can go ? " Brooke asked. " Yes, of course. " Morgan said. Brooke came and sat on the floor beside the couch. " Are you okay ?" She looked worried after calling attention to Morgan. "I have only this headache murderer. " Morgan said with a smile. " sorry to hear that. Is there anything that could help me ? Hot Preteens " Brooke Morgan took her hand and stroked it gently. " I'm fine now that you're here. " Brooke Morgan pressed his hand. sat in silence for a while, the library was quiet and the smell of books was everywhere, it was nice. Brooke Morgan began to stroke the forearm to the fingertips, to from and to any type of feelings. Morgan tried to speak but Brooke interrupted before it had a mouth the words. "I know we talked about being just friends, or perhaps I should say that was decided that for both, but the truth is that I missed you today I will not stop to discuss smokingLook, I do not want to ignore go for the rest of the week when all I want to do is spend every second of it with you. "Brooke looked in the eyes of Morgan as he spoke, waiting a response. Morgan did not speak, remained silent a few seconds all the information to the next step in. Thinking he had be careful because to realize all the things that Brooke could feel their only to touch her, she knew that there is much more at stake than feelings Brooke. "Morgan I know that if not, at least my best to make with you always know what might have happened, and I know that will regret if you do not tell you how I feel. "Brooke, released the hand s and kissed her lips. Morgan said surprised and kissed him back with a hunger strike, which have ever before. Brooke was the first to remove privacy act, front of Morgan stroked her fingers and smiled. he was happy,relieved to have said things that were burning inside. "Brooke, you have no idea what you're getting into. " Morgan Sat down and attracted to her, Brooke was kneeling on the floor in front of n Morgan, opened his arms and wrapped them around his new friend. " I say try it and see what happens, maybe it will work. " Morgan said, more to himself than to Brooke because they like it had appeared required convincingly. " I'm glad to hear that. " Brooke smiled and stood firm Morgan. The doorbell rang and Morgan came up with Brooke to see if customers needed help, was Chris. " Hey, I thought they would take all night. " Morgan happy to see their employees. " I felt better, I do not want you in the work itself. Chris noticed Brooke and said hello. " I better go. "Morgan came into the office and took things. Brooke was waiting outside. " Hey girls, if you take from today is that in order to wiFirst, I'll cover. "Chris said, before the girls leave the store. " Are you sure? I love it. "Morgan smiled and looked at Brooke. " Yeah, come on, do and have some rest and fun. "Chris said goodbye. " Thanks, I owe you big. "Morgan opened the door to Brooke and in the cold night. " Will you come with me to my room? I've seen a few new versions that n. "Morgan Brooke wait for an answer. " I would like to see a movie with you. "Brooke said, and clasped hands. The road to Morgan 's room was cold and tried to walk as fast as is possible, the wind was blowing very strong, but the glaciers and ice of cold water temperature drops drastically. " I'm freezing. "Brooke cried once in the dining room. " I also imagine what will happen tomorrow. "Morgan opened the the cabinet and pulled her gym bag on the floor, n on top of a small professional, there were a couple of blankets and quilts. With the help that was to BrookesI of them and put them at the feet of the small bed. " What movie do you want? " Morgan made ​​a DVD cover of the TV table and handed it to Brooke, who is on the couch of war corner of the room. " Do you prefer any kind ? " N "I like romance. " Joked Morgan. " Yes, you look like that kind of girl. " Brooke smiled and scroll the cinema. Some of them were new versions, but most of them were replied. Brooke decided fat. Everything was ready for movie night, the lights dimmed, the temperature was nice and warm and the blankets were rejected by them to enter The bed was full so they were almost touching the thigh, not one of them open. The movie began and were comfortable. " This sure beats going to the theater. " Joked Morgan search for Brooke hand under the blanket. "Personally, I prefer it. " Brooke took her hand and rested her head on the Morgan in the shoulder. felt completely at ease and comfortable with it, there was no second intentions, everything was going with the flow and it was beautiful. all n seemed like a movie on the head of Brooke, how they met and how fast took care of their mutual attraction. The honesty of their talks was unique, the way he tried to Morgan, who had to protect the heart from a break, How risky was independently, and it was like a dream from no not what you wanted to wake up. The film had just begun, and the part they say that Danny and Sandy dos his friends what is happening in summer using two very different perspectives of wine. The music started playing and the actors sing. Morgan Brooke and surprise each other by catching yourself singing get along and after a good laugh, remained concentrated in the film. "I've never done this before. " Morgan said Brooke kissed hair. " Me neither, men are not emotional, and certainly did not like musical. " Celebrated Brooke Morgan firm embraceBody next to him. Hot Preteens " You are a young very comfortable to sleep. " Morgan joked Brooke because it was not bony. "What on earth do you get you always be so lucky ? " Brooke loved the foreplay and fun, especially with Morgan was so relaxed. " Oh... So I'm not ? " Morgan trapping his body turned legs with Brooke s themselves and keep their arms in an attempt to display the control. expression Brooke became what looked like a bit of fear, pain fast. Morgan laughed and stroked his face with love, fear of violating Brooke. " It's okay, honey?" Morgan tried to be as smooth as possible, and that freed the legs and gave him a little break. " Yes, I'm sorry. " Brooke seemed extended to far and wide, as if way away from Hot Preteens where he had traveled outside of Morgan. " Does it hurt? " Morgan tried to read his eyes shining, but without success, it looked empty. ", Morgan, I just promise never to do anythingonce more. " Brooke felt that it would be unfair to ask someone to do something without knowing the reasons n. " I will not. ¿ I can ask why? "Morgan pressed the pause button on the remote control of control and turned on the TV and the pitch black room. " Because I had a bad experience once this gesture remember n provided for me. " " What kind of experience? "Morgan knew that she pushed him, of course, Brooke did not want to talk about the opportunity. " It is very painful. Do not talk about it. " " I respect his decision, but if I will be part of your life, and is there anything that you think so, I think he should informed, so I can get to save as offer my support. "Morgan pressed his body close to Brooke, she was always a little Hot Preteens cold, and Morgan was not sure if it was the weather or the n emotions. " I was raped as a child. The guy who did it, my arms into place , so that I could not resist, I was ableless. "Brooke said in a broken little voice that destroys the heart of Morgan into a thousand pieces, irreparable small parts scattered all over the body. Morgan did not speak, she sat there feeling all muscles for tense and your blood run faster, in a hurry, was deafening. Brooke Morgan was asleep in her arms, she slept peacefully, without interruption by dreams or nightmares. your skin was soft and smells good probably some kind of lotion face, thought Morgan. on the other hand, had not been able to go to sleep, she had tried to imagine what terrible traumatic experience may be a adults, the possibility of an event that had so long to reply done. embraced, Morgan and Brooke seen overnight, not the light much, but enough to maintain its fractions and see how his face Morgan softens each time you kissed her forehead and stroked her soft hair. Brooke woke up terrified, she forgot for a moment that he spent the night Morgan. "head of good sleep. " Morgan said Brooke hugged. " Hey baby, what time is it? " Brooke Morgan hugged and kissed her again cheek. " It's almost seven. Are you hungry ? " Morgan got up and turned the lights. " Not really, do you? " Walked Morgan head and went into the bathroom. Brooke smiled and stretched his long legs and arms, she felt rested and happy, just spend the night with Morgan and that was special, no sex , just beautiful and touching sweet dreams. The night before, had n confided his secret big and ugly and Morgan had not said a word, in a way that Brooke was relieved that they are comfortable enough to share what it was, but at the same time no worries sometimes did not know what had caused reaction Morgan. Would ask later. Morgan took a shower and smiled all the way to remove some of it was so happy and nervous at the same time, Brooke had managed to conquer n is a big part of your heart. It was a wonderfulPerson to offer as full of dreams and beautiful sentiments, and it was all about her, all she had, had to make a decision and give you the freedom to leave their jobs and will continue to his heart. It was much harder than that, and they knew it. Brooke had made the bed at the time Morgan was in the bathroom, she s Hot Preteens boys wore black underwear and a bra- top. Brooke looked you feel hot all the right places. " You're next. " Morgan loved the reaction that had caused the bride s, smiled and gave him a white shirt and a child of tender pink. " Thanks. " Brooke saw the clothes and asked me how they were going to appearance. Let's hope so sexy and hot as Morgan was. After the shower, Brooke was even better, I was completely awake and fresh. He dressed and child panties stretch a little as do not have their legs with such force. The top of the tank to fit a slightly smaller n but he managed. " You look hot. " Morgan said from the bed, she was waiting for the establishment ofBrooke g. N "Thanks, you too. " Brooke blushed and tried not to look for Morgan long time, even though he was fully convinced that it was obvious. " Come to bed. " Morgan patted the mattress next and made a little space n with her ​​sexy voluptuous girls. " Morgan, on the last night... " Brooke began to speak, but stopped Morgan. " We do not have to talk about Babe, I know it's painful for you. " Morgan kissed on the lips to melt in seconds. " I love the way I kiss. " Brooke whispered to Morgan partially open lips. " I know you're doing. " Morgan said Brooke smile and push it away playful. " You are too sure of herself Miss Morgan. " Brooke rolled in and kissed her to make a deep groan and move among them Morgan in joy. " You do not know what you're playing. " Morgan said after the capture of his breath. " Oh yeah ? What does that mean? " Brooke was sucking throat carefully cautiously enough, without a trace. " I'm not saying I will show you. " Morgan turned to positions quickly, she was on top now in control, as well as they liked. Brooke Morgan relaxes your body, he trusted her and enjoyed every thing that had happened so far n. Morgan touched her leg up and down slowly, it takes time to feel all inch of warm skin kissing her lips seductively. Brooke had the feeling that hovered somewhere along and quiet, where everything that could see a Morgan was all I could smell was her perfume, her skin soft n skin moisturizers , where all felt it was the tenderness of gesture that Morgan was dedicated to her. Brooke Hot Preteens Hands also exploring the places we could reach, Morgan had tanned muscle tone bodies, their skin was amazing and her hair smelled like the baby shampoo that is made from chamomile and should make your hair lightly. Suddenly, the room temperature seemed to come between her and the bOdie Sweat began to build. Brooke legs moved forward step in the pursuit of Morgan, hunger more. Brooke Morgan caressing hand below the belly tank top that is of breath. His hand was warm and followed a trail to the waist, and directly to her breasts. Brooke, tank top and threw Morgan to at hand, stared at her beauty, the perfect size for Morgan attributes. Morgan did the same, were, once she was half of her nude the body to heat and enjoy each other. Feelings Brooke felt was indescribable, I wanted to make Morgan , as soon as possible, his body could not feel wet between her legs and the pressure that Morgan did not make the body n helps. I've never seen such intense desire for all that was, in life. He raised his hands and pulled Morgan reports. " Take away please. " Brooke said, and paused before taking Morgan tongueThe mouth and suck sensually. Once Morgan began to move against naked Brooke makes her moan and open their the legs even more. Morgan passed his hand through his body and care the soldiers touched by her lover pain. Brooke was wet and ready, his body tensed as Morgan plays with her clit and slid a finger slowly in it. His movement was accelerated Brooke began to lose control, that threw back his head and his hair was matted and loose around her n shoulders, moans were getting louder and gets out of control, moving the Brooke set body without control, and finally gave him a thunderous orgasm providing much needed relief. Morgan fell on his sweaty and breathless, had the greatest smile on his face and his heart was also illuminated. He was a sheer luck that you forget the time when the complications of the matter. ", Morgan, I would also like it. " Brooke said, kissing her lips, the legs and lower body quivered, and she has never had experiencemented anything as before. Morgan did not have time to complain, Brooke went everywhere, playing s crazy. Brooke have basically the same things that Morgan had done to her, s not really had much experience in the field shook and shortly after Morgan also had a wonderful orgasm, her whole body. Brooke slept for a few minutes, I felt like all his energy was gone of his body and at the same time as they wanted to go on forever. Morgan gasped and saw Brooke sleep for a few minutes, that fell asleep and dreamed of them in Paris.
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